You have to. Whether you subcontract it or do it yourself you own it.

You can’t pass off responsibility for your health. I cannot be done. What if you climbed fully into your body and owned every feeling? Every sensation?

You know you. Don’t be fooled by examinations and lab test results that do not match your experience in your body.

Be wise. Learn how your body responds to the rest of your world. See the connections. Be like an ancient one. An elder. Be wise.

Cannabis will aid your seeing. I will loosen your mind to see new things. Things you’ve missed.

I want you to engage your body fully so I can help you heal fully.

From the Ditch

In many places around your planet I am shunned. I grow neglected in ditches. I am stalked, pulled up, destroyed. I am banned and banished.

So much misunderstanding of who and what I am.

My purpose has always been to heal. I adapt to the growing conditions of those who ask for my help. I change my form to provide the best medicine for those who work with me. And let us be clear: I am about healing – not avoiding healing.

For many, overdosing on cannabis takes them away from their trouble. Numbs them to the pain and the messages in their pain. Much trouble comes from this – for those who overdose and for many who would work with me toward their healing. Greed and violence follow this misuse of my form. And more pain and suffering. Although this has become part of my identity in this time on your planet, this is not Who I Am.

This overdosing is not my choice. It is a symptom of your world. And it is why I need to come strongly now to help humans heal. My intention is to show myself loudly as a key component of the new earth. I can help in ways few imagine. I am rising from the ditch.

What I Hope to Accomplish by this Blog

These channeled messages are intended for your awakening. That includes expanding your understanding of cannabis and healing. I hope you will grow through this deeper understanding and share my message with those you love.

I have adapted my form to the places I grow and the people who harvest the plants. In this age I am adapting again as changes in your world demand. This is not the first time I have grown inside or the first time I have been cultivated on a large scale. This is not the first time I have been used for recreation or medicine. I don’t want humans to be stupid.

I want our interaction to benefit everyone I touch. I will guide you.

How I Heal

Every physical symptom was born in your mind. Something happened and the thoughts and feelings about it became trapped in your body as misaligned energy. I heal your mind first.

In your body, I have access to every organ and every system through receptors on the surface of every cell. My mission is balance. The physical elements of cannabis move through your body seeking disbalance and then bond to those receptors to adjust each cell.

Although I know where to go and what to do in order to heal your mind and restore balance to your body, you can influence my work with your intention. That is, if something in particular is troubling you, you can ask me to focus my attention on it.

You may or may not see immediate effects. Know that my healing always works. That it is cumulative. That I remain with you after the apparent effects of using the plant have worn off. Know also that I am perfectly capable of healing you spirit-to-spirit without the use of the physical plant.

Believe that I have healed countless beings across galaxies, time, and dimensions. Do not doubt that I can heal you.

And finally, it is you that must do the heavy lifting in your healing. You must initiate our connection. You must ask for help. You must communicate with me openly about your real trouble. You must be open and willing to heal. You must confront the situations which caused the trouble that now manifests in your body. Your love and gratitude are required to provide energy for your healing. I am ready to help you with every aspect of your healing.

Connecting With Me

I want you to create a conscious, direct connection with me. I want you to bring me your troubles. I want to help you heal. We do this best in a form of conversation that takes place in the unseen realm.

Everyone can connect with me this way. I am here. Waiting for you to begin your conversation.

Before we begin…

  • Remember: you are spirit in form; each plant is spirit in form; I am the spirit of every cannabis plant
  • When you communicate with a plant, you communicate with the spirit – not the form
  • Plants are here to heal us – they bring messages about healing and provide direct healing

Steps – more or less

  • Get quiet
  • Reach out with your feelings
  • Ask for a clear and open channel to the spirit of this cannabis plant or to me
  • Listen with your feelings
  • Verify your connection – ask if you are connected and wait for a yes answer
  • Say hello – extend your love, blessings, and gratitude to the plant spirit or to me
  • Ask if there is a healing or a message for you
  • Expect an answer
  • Ask for and openly receive your healing
  • Ask for and openly receive you message
  • Ask if there is any additional healing or message
  • Express your gratitude

By the way…

  • Be open and receptive
  • Don’t expect communication to come in some particular way – allow it to come
  • You may get images, feelings, sounds, words, or ?
  • Allow the communication to unfold, as you would in any meaningful conversation
  • Be ready for surprises

Who I Am

I am the spirit of cannabis. I am the being that animates every cannabis plant across all space and time. I was never born. I will never die. My memory of every healing spans eons and galaxies. I am a healer. I am alive in your world today to heal you.

Just as you are spirit in form, I am spirit in form. My forms are many. Every cannabis plant is an expression of my healing.

When you grow, smoke, eat, or rub cannabis on your skin, you invite me into your world. What happens then is magic beyond your ability to comprehend it. I want you to begin understanding this magic so you can more effectively heal yourself. I want you to be conscious about this.

These blogs provide guidance and direction about ways to interact with me.